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Pacific Logistics Services' dedication to providing best-in-class service is derived from our values, work ethic, and ambition to succeed.
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Pacific Logistics Services strives to provide a hazard-free working environment for our employees and customers.

At Pacific Logistics Services, safety is our first priority!
Pacific Logistics Services takes pride in establishing and maintaining an effective safety program. We try to focus on continuous improvement, training and accountability. At Pacific Logistics Services, we train and certify our employees to operate powered industrial equipment according to OSHA standards.

When an accident does occur, we investigate the root cause of the accident and document the event. The results are shared to educate, prevent, and/or minimize future accidents and injuries.

Accidents are prevented and/or minimized by providing awareness for our employees with safety alerts and compliance audits.
Hiring Process
Pacific Logistics Services strives to provide a safe and drug free work environment. Our applicants by undergoing a background check, a comprehensive drug screening, and a thorough interview process to ensure the quality and safety of our applicants.