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Pacific Logistics Services' dedication to providing best-in-class service is derived from our values, work ethic, and ambition to succeed.
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Why Pacific Logistics Services
Why Pacific Logistics Services?
At Pacific Logistics Services, we understand the importance of quality, safety, productivity, integrity, and transparency though data collection. With Pacific Logistics Services, we eliminate hourly rates and provide cost effective solutions through price per delivery strategies. This system drives efficiency on the most congested area of the facility, the receiving dock. We provide this by implementing methodologies that measure performance and production. We have created a production pay system that greatly increases efficiency on the dock, improves associate morale, and increases wages for our associates.

Should you choose Pacific Logistics Services as your 3PL labor provider for any service, you will be sure to receive quality service that reduces the overall cost of goods throughout the supply chain. In addition, as part of our service we have executive level leadership that have reputations as quality cost managers in the industry, we leverage our expertise at your request to review any function within the facility to provide optional strategies and opportunities for reduced cost.

By outsourcing your freight handling or indirect labor functions, we provide you with an overall reduction in overhead cost while reducing labor expenses from human resources to workman’s compensation cost.

If saving money is important to your bottom line then call us today! We will do a walk through with you and come up with a customized solution to help you meet your operations goals.
Pacific Logistics Quote
"Pacific Logistics Services focuses on providing the best cost effective solutions for our customers while delivering superior, unparalleled services."

- George Tanghongs, President