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Pacific Logistics Services is a preferred supplier of distribution services which include:
  • Unloading / Loading:

    Loading and unloading of inbound freight is our core business, by outsourcing freight handling on the dock our customers turn an expense into an income stream as well as reduce safety related cost and exposure. With professional freight handlers specifically focused on unloading and trained through the Pacific Logistics System, we improve speed and accuracy, reduce errors and detention time as well as improving the drivers receiving experience at the facility. This is all accomplished while still controlling the cost of unloading and ensuring that no unnecessary cost is impacting the cost of goods.

  • Pallet Management and Repair:

    Pacific Logistics Services provides full pallet management from inbound, sortation, repair, and return to the pallet depots. Our associates quickly sort and identify reusable pallets per our SOP, the remaining are moved to the repair area where they are sorted and repaired for future use. Since we leverage our existing work force and utilize synergies between our freight handlers and pallet repair associates the opportunities to lower cost are realized. This service provides reduced cost and reduced management to our customers.

  • Selection:

    Pacific Logistics Services provides our customers with the selection of outbound product either long term or short term. We understand that it is difficult to hire qualified applicants and the cost associated with the hiring process. We leverage our workforce skill diversity to support our customers with support at the right price and the right time. This added value helps our customers as well as provides Pacific Logistics Services with the opportunity to increase our 3PL services.

  • Clerical:

    Pacific Logistics Services provides our customers with the potential to reduce their O&A expense by offering scheduling and receiving clerks. By controlling the inbound freight from scheduling, to checking in/out, to receipt of goods decreases the full receiving window for the delivering driver. We focus on inbound appointment balance to alleviate dock door congestion and decrease the time a driver is on site. By doing so we can contribute to increasing effective hours of service for inbound drivers and contribute to the reduction in supply chain cost.

  • Freight Running:

    Pacific Logistics Services provides freight running, moving product from our customers receiving dock to the intended put away location, strategically placing the inbound pallet to the closest proximity of the warehouse slotted location. Our customers have realized increased receiving put away pallets per hour and have effectively reduced their labor force. By completing the work at a lower burdened per hour cost, the net effect is a reduction in cost per case for our customer. Additionally, an increase in product flow from the receiving dock to the warehouse has provided “receiving with precision”; this has decreased congestion on the dock as wells as damage and potential safety hazards.

  • Sanitation:

    Sanitation within a facility is imperative to meet both state and federal regulatory agencies. With this in mind, we offer full sanitation programs from office cleaning to full warehouse sanitation programs. Our programs are designed to lower cost and meet all requirements by the top third party inspection companies. We manage the sanitation cost either hourly or by monthly fee which alleviates budgeting anomalies, reduces indirect hours, and warehouse cost for our customers.

  • General Warehouse:

    Pacific Logistics Services provide General Warehouse labor when our customers require support. We understand that on occasion a temporary assignment must be filled. We offer our customers the opportunity to fill in these hours with our associates at a very reasonable rate and no long term implications. This provides our customers with piece of mind, quality fill in associates, and reduced fully burdened cost and exposure.

Pacific Logistics Quote
"Pacific Logistics Services focuses on providing the best cost effective solutions for our customers while delivering superior, unparalleled services."

- George Tanghongs, President